grant-making June 20, 2019 22:00

What an incredible 6 months of grant-making we have had here at Charlie's Gift. We are so proud to have helped make a difference to the lives of 50 amazing local children who have been awarded grants totalling a whopping £30,434.80!

This is by far our busiest year of grant-making since 2011 when we first began as a little fledgling charity making 'gifts' from Charlie, our little man with the biggest heart. And it is all thanks to your tireless fundraising and generous donations that we have managed to put a smile on the faces of some very special children across the Three Counties Region. All of whom face many difficult challenges on a daily basis.

So just a 'little' list of what your donations have allowed us to fund so far:-

Special needs buggies x 10, Ipads and laptops with communication software, Lycra therapy suits, holidays and breaks away, hydrotherapy sessions, PGL residential trips, a special needs swing set, a height adjustable wheelchair seat, stands for eye gaze tablets, specially adapted kitchen utensils, physiotherapy and occupational therapy session, beds and bedding, special needs bath seats, an adapted rocking horse and a weighted sensory blanket!