Who We Have Helped

Through the generosity of our supporters and fundraisers, we have been able to award grants to local children totaling over £200,000 since our charity registration in October 2013. 

All of the children we have provided assistance to are affected either by disability, special need, illness, bereavement or financial hardship. 

Here are just a handful of the amazing children we have had the absolute privilege of assisting with grants, together with some of their funded items.

A special needs buggy for 5 year old Oliver to help keep him safe, secure and comfortable on family days out as he has now outgrown his standard buggy.  

A specialised foam wedge for 3 year old James, to help develop his upper body strength whilst playing with his favourite toys.

Soft-play equipment for 3 year old Joshiah to develop his confidence in moving on the floor and to create a fun and safe space in which to play.

Specially adapted kitchen and cooking utensils for 16 year old Chloe to allow her to independently enjoy her passion for cooking and food preparation.

A therapeutic Lycra bodysuit for 5 year old Harrison to assist him when sitting, by helping to improve his muscle activity in his upper body.

A pair of Power-drive wheels for 15 year old Stefan's wheelchair, to enable him to get about independently, without adult assistance, so he can enjoy being with his friends in and out of school. 

An Epilepsy Monitor for 6 year old Pearl to help with her night time safety and to give Pearl's family peace of mind when she is sleeping.

A special needs buggy for 10 year old Freddie to allow him to enjoy days out with his family exploring the countryside more easily.

A light-weight wheelchair for 7 year old Charlie to allow him to take part in his favourite sport of wheelchair football and the other sporting activities he enjoys. 

A special needs pushchair for 3 year old Michael to allow him to have comfortable trips out with his family on and off public transport. 

An eye gaze tablet for 5 year old Max to aid his communication skills and also so that he can have fun playing games independently.


A Center Parcs break for 7 year old James and his family to enjoy some quality time together, making happy memories, after a difficult few years of hospital treatment. 

A term of Therapy sessions for 3 year old Bertie at PACE in Aylesbury to help develop his speech and gross motor skills.   

An Ipad for 8 year old Ibrahim to provide him with some enjoyment and interaction whilst his daily care routine is carried out.