Charlie's 18th birthday celebration April 20, 2021 11:50

Our darling Charlie would have been 18 years old today and it seems fitting that this year on his milestone birthday it has been our most successful year of grant-making to date, with a life-changing £53,624.72 donated to 95 very deserving local children, since the start of 2019.
On behalf of Charlie and our family, we’d like to thank everyone who has supported Charlie’s Gift throughout the year through your tireless fundraising, generous donations and also attending our events. You are all amazing and we couldn’t have done it without you!
All of the children who benefitted from Charlie’s Gift grants this year face incredibly difficult daily challenges because of disability, special need, illness, bereavement or financial hardship.
We really can’t express enough how much of a difference receiving a Charlie’s Gift grant makes to these youngsters and their families. Just knowing people care enough to help make their lives a little easier, is truly worth its weight in gold.
We’ll leave you with Charlie’s ‘whopping shopping’ list and a handful of photos of some of the incredible children who have come into our life this year.
14 Lycra therapy suits & sensory hug vests
18 Special needs pushchairs
9 grants for beds & bedding, clothing and shoes
13 respite breaks and school residential trips
5 sets of Eye gaze computer equipment
1 special needs vehicle harness
4 laptops and printers
8 Ipads with special needs apps
6 blocks of Therapy sessions (Hydro, Physio and Occupational Therapy)
1 special needs Scooter
1 special needs Trike
1 special needs Rocking horse
1 baby Rocker
2 grants for hospital travel costs
2 adapted bath seats
1 weighted sensory blanket
1 set of adapted kitchen utensils
4 adjustable disability seats
2 sets of sensory play equipment
1 special needs garden swing set
Sending love to you all,
Nicole, Jason, Izzy, Sammy & ❤️Charlie❤️ xxx