Daisy's buggy April 20, 2021 11:55

This week Charlie's Gift has funded a special needs buggy for lovely little 4 year old Daisy from Hemel Hempstead, who has many health complications and is unable to walk independently, because of a rare genetic disorder.
Daisy's mum Carrie wanted you all to know what a difference your generous donations and fundraising make to local families like Daisy's:-
'Thank you Charlie's Gift. Without people like you disabled children would have to make do or go without, because as soon as something is made for a special needs child parents simply cannot afford to live and also pay for these things. This in turn makes you feel really low as a parent because we all want our children to have what they need, especially a child that has had a hard time like my Daisy with her health and complex needs'.
Thank you to all our supporters for helping to bring a smile to the face of a very deserving little girl during this difficult Lockdown period...❤️