2019 so far! March 10, 2019 23:24

With 2019 now well underway we thought it was time to update you all on what we have been busy doing here at Charlie's Gift since the start of the new year. So far this year we have already made a difference to 26 children living in our local area. Collectively they have benefitted from grants totalling £15,117.33.

This year our grants have funded a multitude of different items, including special needs buggies, rocking horses, bath seats and beds, laptops, ipads and stands for Eye Gaze communication tablets, lycra therapy suits, lycra vests and weighted therapy blankets, Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy sessions as well as holiday costs for two very special children.

All the amazing children Charlie's Gift has had the absolute pleasure of supporting face daily challenges in life as a result of disability, serious illness, financial hardship or bereavement. The 'gifts' we give in Charlie's memory make such a positive impact and bring so much joy and happiness to some wonderful children living in the Three Counties region.

It looks set to be our busiest grant-making year to date, so huge thanks to everyone who has already committed to helping us fundraise this year and to anyone who will be supporting our up and coming events and challenges this year. We really do value the time and dedication you put into helping making our charity the thriving little local charity it is today.